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jeudi, mai 22 2014



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à Belleville


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lundi, mai 19 2014

Le projet kilkhor

Prochain atelier octobre 2014


«L’art se trouve au cœur de notre être le plus intime et il fait partie de la nature des choses tout aussi sûrement qu’un arbre, un lac, un nuage.
Quand nous l’ignorons, même en tant que spectateurs, nous en sommes diminués pendant tout notre bref séjour terrestre » Jim Harrison

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Mudra conscience de l'espace, space awareness, conciencia del espacio

1973- Boulder, Chögyam Trungpa : « In order to perform, we have to relate to reality. …So the process that is involved here is to grow out of a baby-like mentality, and to learn to coordinate our body and speech as though an ordinary, natural life situation were taking place ».

« What we are trying to do is purely to develop an entire new area of theater conciousness. We could say conciousness of drama and theater. … It is not only acting on the stage alone, but acting for 24 hours a day – how you present yourself in a situation. … If you have developed such confidence in handling your body and mind at the same time, you are not paranoid, not confused, then there is tremendous possibility that acting becomes just purely a matter of fact, a slight exaggeration of natural fact. …The whole thing about this workshop – this particular training we’re going through – is not so much to learn how to act, but to learn how to redo our existence in order to learn to exist. … We can only exist in the midst of space ».

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"COMING FROM NOTHING" The sacred art of acting" by Lee Worley


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lundi, mai 12 2014

Samuel Beckett

Fail, fail again, fail better !

samedi, mars 2 2013

Une bonne société

"Une bonne société est une société qui croit ne jamais être assez bonne." Zygmunt Bauman

"Mes amis, retenez ceci, il n'y a ni mauvaise herbe, ni mauvais homme, il n 'y a que de mauvais cultivateurs." V. Hugo

"Est citoyen quelqu'un qui est capable de gouverner et d'être gouverné" Tucidide


If there is wisdom in sacred teachings, there should not be any war. As long as a person is involved with warfare, trying to defend or attack, then the action is not sacred; it is mundane, dualistic, a battlefield situation. One would not expect the great teachings to be as simple-minded as that, trying to be good, fighting the bad. Sense of humor means seeing both poles of a situation as they are, from an aerial point of view. There is good, there is bad, and you see both with a panoramic view.

mardi, février 5 2013

F. Jammes


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